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Coming to the Shelter

Coming to the Shelter

For Women Coming to the Shelter 

It’s helpful if you can call us when you make the decision to come to the shelter so we can ensure that we have a sufficient space for you and your family.

What We will need to know:

  • When to expect you and learn about any special needs you and your children might have, so we can be ready to welcome you when you arrive.

  • We’ll also give you information about what you can expect and how long you can stay.

  • We will also talk to you about possibilities and options for you and your family beyond your stay.

When you arrive, we’ll ask some questions to find out how we can help you and get to know you better:

  • We’ll tell you more about our daily routines and about our confidentiality policy that protects you and your children

  • You will be shown to your room and when you feel you are ready, you can begin to meet other families who are staying with us or, you might choose to spend more time with one of our supportive counsellors.

  • While you are with us, we will share information about what abuse is and how you are not to blame when your partner hurts you.

  • You’ll have opportunities to listen to the stories of other women and understand that you are not alone.

  • We will help you develop a plan to live safely, free from abuse. And, we will tell you about resources that can help you make a fresh start.

The Women's Centre Grey Bruce is here to help.

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