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A safer place for women, children, and youth

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You do not need to face this crisis alone. Let us help.

If you are a woman experiencing gender-based violence, and need immediate assistance, call 911.

Text:  226-974-0755

About Us

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About Us

A safer place for women and children

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The Women's Centre is a safer place for women and children.

We are innovative, caring leaders in providing secure shelter, crisis intervention, safety planning, counseling, and transition services for women and children affected by abuse in Grey Bruce Counties.

We support women and children as they build safe and sustainable lives free from abuse. and violence.

We are experienced in providing accessible, women-centred, and compassionate services. We are committed to accountability, self-evaluation, and ethical practices.

We share our own expertise and welcome the expertise of others in our community to address the complex factors that perpetuate abuse and violence.

We are committed to mobilizing our community to uphold and advance equality, self-determination, and the elimination of violence. We can only achieve this through the cultivation of partnership with others who share these values. 



Our Facility

Last year, The Women's Centre provided 2,077 days of residential stays because home isn't safe for everyone.

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We're Pet Friendly

Studies show that nearly 60% of abused women who own pets, delay leaving out of concern for their animals



Join The Alliance – a group of dedicated individuals pushing for change. Join on your terms and know that your donation is making an impact every month. 

By committing to give on a monthly basis, you are contributing to the longevity and stability of The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce.

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Anti-Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking Program for Youth

Provided by The Women's Centre Grey Bruce

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The Women's Centre Grey Bruce?
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