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Second Stage Residential Program

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Second Stage Residential

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Women who choose to leave an abusive relationship have the option to access safer, affordable housing for themselves and their children.

Transitional Outreach, which includes the Second Stage Residential Program and counselling support, is available to qualifying women.

Second Stage Housing


There are eight unfurnished family units and four single units in this townhouse complex. Each is equipped with a fridge, stove, washer, and dryer, and are geared-to-income.

Units offer a private patio with access to a large fenced yard , complete with a play structure, creating a community to support the development and growth of women and their families. Residents can meet regularly and enjoy the benefits of support, socialization, and networking. The program gives women an environment in which to commit to building a safer and violence-free future.

How it Works

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Accommodations through the Second Stage Residential Program can be provided for up to one year, as families rebuild their lives.

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Occupancy is granted through application only, and if accepted, women must agree to participate in a support program and sign an occupancy contract.


As the year comes to an end, staff advocate for women to move into longer-term Ontario Housing units or support women in making the transition to market rent housing.

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To learn more about the Second Stage Residential Program and Counselling services

Call The Women's Centre Grey Bruce @ 519-376-0755

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