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In-Shelter Counselling

Violence Against Women Crisis Workers provide supportive guidance to women staying in the shelter.

Frontline staff support clients by helping to decrease their sense of isolation, providing education about their rights, building safety plans, and by providing referrals to complementary agencies. Staff help women overcome feelings of loneliness and despair by teaching about the cycle of abuse and by encouraging healthy coping strategies.

Outreach Counselling

Girl in Therapy

Our Clinical Counsellor provides specialized individual and group counselling for women who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, abuse and violence. These sessions aim to equip women with strategies to heal from the effects of abuse.

Clients of The Women’s Centre and women in the community who have experienced abuse, can access this free counselling service by calling 519-376-0755 extension 104.


Occasionally, there are a number of group sessions offered to deal with specific life goals. Watch Facebook and Instagram for current offerings.

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