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Proceeds go back to The Women's Centre Grey Bruce, so they can continue helping women, children, and youth build safe and sustainable lives free from violence and abuse. Grab a pair for yourself today, or give a gift that gives back this holiday season.


A message from the artist, Kelcy Timmons-Chan (@mixt.paints): 

September 2023
digital illustration & sock print
For sale through The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce

This September, I have partnered with The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce to develop a sock design in support of Women’s Abuse Prevention month coming up in November.

When considering how we could represent and symbolize women in this piece, it was important to me to consider the broader spectrum of womxn and non binary people. I wanted to avoid cliche representations that limit the definition of women and instead approach the piece by considering soft and feminine energy, which could encapsulate more people.

Nurturing is an illustration inspired by six acts of nurturing: supporting, protecting, encouraging, guiding, uplifting, and feeding.

I use my common motifs ‘eggs’ and ‘purple people’ to epitomize 2 different kinds of relationships. The obvious one between parent/guardian and child. Yet I also wanted to nod to our relationships with ourselves and how we can heal our inner child through acts of nurturing.

Here I use my egg symbol - normally symbolizing a person of mixed race/identity - to instead embody a ‘child like’ figure that can be viewed multidimensionally and highlight that the care one invests in others is just as important as the care that one invests in themselves.

TWC x Kelcy Timmons-Chan "Nurturing" Socks

SKU: 00001
  • The TWC x Kelcy Timmons-Chan "Nurturing" Socks were produced by Sock Rocket. For each pair of custom socks produced, Sock Rocket has donated three pairs back to The Women's Centre Grey Bruce. 

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