It is hard to believe how quickly another year has passed.  The 2017 calendar year is coming to an end. Once again, nestled up on the hill amongst the trees our shelter has continued to be a safe haven for women and their children while numerous changes have and are occurring in their lives. Many of us do not like or appreciate change. Reality is that we are surrounded with changes in our lives every day.

In our community of Grey Bruce we enjoy the change of seasons. The leaves turn colours falling to the ground followed by the winter nipping at our heels.  The days get darker earlier. Cool days turn into colder ones until the snowflakes blanket our towns, our fields and woodlots.

If we are fortunate to own warm boots we pull them on and button up our winter coat. Many women just add a layer to their light jackets (perhaps a hoodie).  Girls and boys bundle up too, and pull up their collars while looking for answers in the blowing winds.

With the change in seasons the girls become women and the boys become men.  The relationships we form throughout will, and do, change our lives.

As we go through our lives and the various stages within our lives we all make changes.  They can be simple things like getting a haircut, to the decision to change a job, to larger decisions of finding a new home for ourselves and our children. Therefore, in reality change(s) occurs daily.

The Women’s Centre is preparing for changes to continue to meet the needs of women and children in our community. There is a season to go forward with a purpose while embracing those changes rather than being stuck turning in the snowbank.

The past five years I have had the privilege of serving as a Director on the Board for The Women’s Centre. This year I made the change to become the Board President.  So with this change in my life, I would like to extend to you, my sincere thank you and our community for their past support for the women and children and to seek your continued support into the future.

Denise Freeman, Board Chair/President, The Women’s Centre Grey & Bruce Inc.