An Individual and a Community at Work

Last year we wrote in our holiday newsletter about “When Shelter is Home Over the Holidays” which talked about how the shelter at holiday time is home for a number of women and their children.  Here is an excerpt from that – “Is the shelter the ideal place for someone to spend the holidays? No, however being in the shelter a woman and her children are safer. This may often cut them off from family and friends during the holiday season, when the importance of such connections is amplified.  This can be an incredibly hard time for women who are already facing difficulties. The holiday season is a bittersweet time of year for the children at The Women’s Centre. They are living in a safe place out of harm’s way, they may have found new friends and a newfound freedom to relax and just be kids.  But even with the relief of living in a new and safer surrounding, their everyday lives have still been disrupted by the change.”

This year an individual within the Meaford area started with a simple post on Facebook to let her friends and family know how she wanted to help, here is that post:


















From this Facebook post — generosity exploded for her cause and desire to help.  The community of Meaford as a whole, individuals,  and businesses rallied behind this post and worked together to fill a number of tote bags with items for the women of the shelter here in Owen Sound and also Collingwood.  These bags were delivered today:  the contents, thoughtfulness and caring of these packages means so much to all of us at The Women’s Centre and we are so excited to be able to let the women and children receive these bundles and realize they are not alone and that people definitely care.

SPECIAL THANKS to EVERYONE INVOLVED!  This demonstrated how a reflection of an event from many years ago related to something special and touching years later.